Create Beautiful Websites

Smart. Easy. Free.

We believe, that

a website builder should be smart and easy,

Content should be editable with your smartphone on the go,

no coding required, but helps you to be creative,

it can be affordable for everyone,

it has plugins, that work out of the box,

has no hidden fees.

If you agree, try out our Website Builder!

SMART Design Editor

No Coding, no Drag and Drop. Pick a design and your favorite color and we create your site for you.

SMART Content Editor

We handle Content and Design separately, which means you can concentrate on your content. Switching to a new design is a breeze and while your content remains.

SMART Navigation

Infinite menu items. Infinite levels. Your navigation will never break, no matter what device it's being used.


Just Copy and Paste a URL, that you want to post and we figure out the rest. We support Youtube, Vimeo, Spotify, Twitter, Image, SoundCloud etc. see our blog example >

SMART Gallery

7 beautiful gallery types with over 20 different variations. Unlimited customization. Drag and drop ordering. Multi-image upload.


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